End The Static Wedgie Instantly with Static Schmatic

Born in the mountains of Colorado, Static Schmatic is the all natural anti-static spray for your hair and clothes. It's safe for you, your family, and the planet.

  • 100% natural, no harmful chemicals
  • 5 ingredients you can read
  • No scent. No build-up. No residue.
  • No suffocating aerosol.
  • Guaranteed to work
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Static Schmatic is the Anti-Static Spray Of Choice at Aspen International Fashion Week

Aspen is one of the world’s top destinations for fashion, and each year the chic mountain town welcomes top designers, models and stylists for Aspen International Fashion Week. It was a privilege to be included in the major event this year and to introduce Static Schmatic to the professional stylists and models behind stage.

With multiple changes to wardrobes and hair-styles, the models and the stylists experienced an overload of problems with static. Static Schmatic was the only choice for keeping their close quarters fresh and clean while taming the embarrassing and annoying static that plagued the models. It was the stylists’ first introduction to Static Schmatic, and it quickly became a favorite necessity to eliminate flyaway hair and clingy clothes.

Static Schmatic was generously applied to the models and their clothing during each wardrobe change, and the outcome was stunning; beautiful hair and clothes, fresh air and a flawless walk down the runway. We look forward to participating in Aspen International Fashion Week for years to come.

Static Schmatic Eliminates the Dreadful Static Wedgie at the Gym

Men suffer from static, too.  You spend a good amount of time and money on your gym membership.  Don't let this happen to you.

Nylon, polyester and moisture-wicking fabrics can become an embarrassing problem at the gym. Just a few sprays of Static Schmatic relaxes your clothes and lets you focus on your physique...I mean workout...not your clingy gym shorts. Static Schmatic produces ZERO harmful fumes and smells so it's safe for you, your gym and the environment.

Static Schmatic is Preferred by Professionals

I was so excited when I found Static Schmatic, which is a really, really great product! It's natural, it's really light-weight, you barely even feel it when you're spraying it on yourself. It has none of that icky odor and coughing effect that you get from other products that are on the market.
— Kristen Strope, (owner Personal Panache)

It's a product that has worked wonders for our fabrics…we use it both personally and for the showroom, and it's been a phenomenal product.
— Marvin W. (co-owner John Brooks Inc.)

Eliminate static cling for good with this proprietary blend of natural ingredients that stops static in its tracks. The spray can be used on hair, fabrics and even skin. There is no residue or scent so it is completely undetectable.
— Zulily product description

Bloggers & Raving

"Whether it's a dress that clings to your butt or a hair that refuses to stay in place, when it's this cold outside, static can get you. There's the old remedy of dryer sheets, or you can try this..."

"Static Schmatic uses only a handful of natural ingredients, that you most likely have in your own kitchen, making it safe to use on clothes, kids, and pets, and the planet. It is naturally scented and won't cause build-up."

"It's an incredible non-aerosol static spray that has no chemical odor, no oily residue and is completely natural."

Static Schmatic has been nominated for Martha Stewart's prestigious American Made Award in the Style and Beauty category.

5 out of 5 Stars on Amazon

I have 3 kids & 2 dogs and live in a very very dry climate. I am so thrilled that there is an anti static spray that is safe for my whole family. After I pull clothes out of dryer I spritz the whole load while they are in laundry basket. It works great, THANK YOU for making it safe and effective!!!!
—Mary W.

It's worth every dime and so easy to keep on hand and use in a pinch...I carry one bottle in my purse and leave one in our coat closet!
—Jujet R.

This product really works!!! I am impressed!!!! Not only does it remove static from my clothing, I have no more fly away hair!! it is amazing!!! i recommend it highly!!!
—Cheryl M.

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  • Naturally battle static on hair and clothes
  • Keep one in all the important places
  • 3 oz travel size for on-the-go static elimination
  • Made in the USA


  • Never get caught with embarrassing static cling
  • Great for clean dried laundry
  • 3 oz travel size for on-the-go static elimination
  • Made in the USA


  • Enhances a smooth finish on hair
  • Eliminates flyaway/stubborn hair
  • 3 oz travel size for on-the-go static elimination
  • Made in the USA


  • Tames fly-away hair & clingy clothes on kids
  • Natural vanilla scent keeps kids neat & sweet
  • 3 oz travel size for on-the-go static elimination
  • Made in the USA


  • Releases pet hair from clothes & upholstery
  • Simply spray and wipe away
  • Hypoallergenic, scent-free, & natural cleansing
  • Made in the USA
Martha Stewart - American Made 2014 - Nominee Badge