Static Schmatic for Hair


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Whether you spent time at the salon or you did your hair yourself, when static strikes it's distracting, annoying, and it won't just go away.

This is the secret to protecting your latest blow out. It tames fly-aways while maintaining the clean air around you. Coconut oil enhances your hair's natural shine and smoothness. Our natural formula goes undetected since it's free from harsh chemicals, odor & sticky residue. Keep one in your purse for on-the-go static relief and one in your bathroom. Each bottle is 3 ounces so it can travel in your carry-on wherever you go. Static regenerates as you move…just keep this with you at all times.



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Distilled water, plant-based soap, coconut oil, glycerin & salt.

How To Use

Shake.  Spray a light mist on a brush and comb through hair. Otherwise, spray directly onto hair and use hands to gently work in.

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