Static Schmatic for Kids


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Tested only on our kids, this is our quick-fix static remover for all kids. Spray directly on their hair or hairbrush and their clothes to safely remove static cling.


You'll love the gentle vanilla scent that makes hugs and cuddles even better. It's safe on their delicate skin and delicate fabrics.


Static regenerates as kids move so keep this with you at all times. All-natural. Hypoallergenic.


Distilled water, aloe vera juice, plant-based soap, plant-based glycerin, salt + vanillin.


Distilled water, aloe vera, glycerin, plant-based soap, salt, & vanillin

How To Use

Spray a light mist on a brush or directly on hair and use hands to gently work in.  Spray a light mist on clothes, especially between layers and on the inside of fabrics.

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