Static Schmatic for Kids


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Put an end to mornings filled with hairbrush-inspired tears. This deliciously scented formula smells like cookies while it tames your little one’s hair. If her tights are tugging at her skirts, just a few sprays will relieve the cling so she can run, jump and play. If his bed-head is out of control, this is your secret weapon. Our formula is hypoallergenic, gluten-free and safe on delicate skin and fabrics (just don’t oversaturate). Static regenerates as kids move…keep this with you at all times.




Distilled water, aloe vera, glycerin, plant-based soap, salt, & vanillin

How To Use

Spray a light mist on a brush or directly on hair and use hands to gently work in.  Spray a light mist on clothes, especially between layers and on the inside of fabrics.

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