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Tame static at home and on the run with our Starter Kit, featuring a full-size bottle of our best-selling Clothes spray, as well as a purse-sized spray pen so you're always prepared. A $15 value!


Shake well, then spritz generously in between layers and on the inside of fabrics to avoid embarrassing static mishaps. Use the power-packed spray pen to reapply as needed throughout the day. 


All-natural. Hypoallergenic. Scent-free.


Distilled water, aloe vera juice, plant-based soap, plant-based glycerin + salt.

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Distilled water, plant-based soap, coconut oil, glycerin & salt.

How To Use

Shake.  Spray a light mist on a brush and comb through hair. Otherwise, spray directly onto hair and use hands to gently work in.

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