Family shopping trips can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you have to drag the little ones along.

by Whitney Foley |

Usually I love bringing my kids with me for everything I/we need to do. I even love their help at the grocery store (I know this is not how most people feel)! However, when it comes to clothes shopping, this is not one of our favorite activities to do together. Maybe it’s because four kids in any store feels too much like herding cats who are desperate to escape. 

So, thank goodness for Amazon and online shopping! My kids haven’t spent more than 17 minutes in a fitting room in their entire lifetimes! However, recently, Jonah, my eleven year old needed a new dress shirt and Lexi, my four year old wanted a new dress to start school. For both, a trip to the mall and trying on clothes in the fitting room was required. Jonah was quick. He knew what he wanted and just needed to try on for size. Dress shirts and dress pants are so staticky, and these were sticking in all the wrong ways. So, thank goodness we had Static Schmatic on hand. A few spritzes on the inside of his white dress shirt helped it to relax so we could see how well it fit. 

In contrast, when Lexi, Kris and I walked into Zara to begin her dress search, Lexi found a number of other items she “needed” to have for school, too. So, we had a full on fashion show in the fitting room! It was an assembly line (thank goodness Kris was there) as we pulled pieces off the hanger, Lexi put them on, danced around and posed, and then whisked them off into my mom’s lap for folding or rehanging. As you’ve experienced, no doubt, static gets intense in fitting rooms, and Lexi needed regular sprays of Static Schmatic to make sure her try-on session didn't get ruined by static cling in her clothes. Thank goodness it’s odor-free and safe on all fabrics.

Next time you’re trying on, bring Static Schmatic in your purse. It not only makes the fitting room experience 100% better, but you can actually see how well clothes fit when they’re not clinging in all the wrong places!

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Here are some of the clothes we ended up getting...maybe we would have bought less if the Static Schmatic hadn’t worked so well!


    Zara baby girls knit set laundry static natural             Amazon clothing static cling natural         Zara baby girl cotton shirt stripes natural laundry static cling


Zara baby girl floral dress fall winter static cling


                    Nordstrom boys dress shirt white laundry static cling                                 nordstrom boys dress pants gray laundry static cling