Home Tip of the Week: Getting Ready to Send Kids off to College?

by Whitney Foley |

Fortunately, my oldest just started middle school. Whew. But for many of you, you’re sending your kids off to college; to live on their own and fend for themselves. Neither my head nor my heart wants to go there yet. However, there are some basic life skills I’d like to instill in my children, which may take a full 18 years (or more) before we see the results. 

Life Skill 1: Brush and Floss Daily

It’s not that hard, right? I mean, it’s really not that hard! Yet, for some reason my kids are still trNimbus Toothbrush from Amazonying to grasp the importance of brushing every day, twice a day, and flossing at least once. So, we keep reinforcing the routine here. However, when they’re finally heading off to college let’s certainly hope the routine is well-established. Our dentist gave us these ah-maz-ing toothbrushes after our last cleanings. Seriously, you won’t want to use any other toothbrush ever again! (click photos for direct links.)









Life Skill 2: Do the Laundry...Regularly

Clean clothes, clean sheets & clean towels are essential to feeling and looking fresh and well put together. I’ll never forget my best friend from high school proudly announcing that he never washed his towel during the first semester of his freshman year at college. “Why would I? I’m clean everytime I use it!” GROSS!! Don’t be that guy. Stick to natural detergents to minimize chemicals and NEVER use dryer sheets since they’re full of hazardous chemicals. Instead, send a laundry-size bottle of Static Schmatic in their laundry basket. It’s so simple to spray Static Schmatic generously while folding clothes so they’re cling-free and ready to go when they are. My personal favorite tip is to spray Static Schmatic for Kids on sheets and clothes. It contains the most delicate hit of vanilla that reminds them of the cookies you bake at home.

Here are our favorite laundry products:


      Ecos laundry detergent AmazonStatic Schmatic Laundry Size bottle







Life Skill 3: Organize and stay organized

Don’t we all love an organized space? Even before Marie Kondo, the obsession with organization was strong. But, at least in my world, it never lasts long. The key to staying productive and efficient in college is by keeping their space (no matter how small), (wait, especially when it’s so small) neat and organize.Don’t be that roommate that leaves clothes, papers, books, etc strewn across the dorm room. Be the roommate that inspires others to be put-together, on top of things and ready to blast out a killer paper or a killer outfit, depending on what the evening calls for. There is literally a gadget, a tip, an ah-ha use for everything related to organization and one of my favorite stores on the entire planet sells them all. Go ahead, organize your heart out.
The Container Store