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Our Story

Kris and I are a mother-and-daughter team, and she has more static than anyone we’ve ever known! Once I started having children, we both were horrified at the chemicals and toxins in the products available. Right before my third child was born, we got the urge to create our own spray and found this amazing natural chemist. We were in Aspen, he was in Boulder, so he sent us different natural formulations to test, and we tested them all on our young family members.

When we finally found “the one”, we gave it to our friends in local clothing stores to test. Instantly there was a strong demand, and when they sprayed it on customers trying on staticky clothes in staticky fitting rooms, their customers were thrilled to see how well the clothes relaxed, and they were eager to buy Static Schmatic.

Before we knew it, we had a product and needed to start a business. Today Static Schmatic continues to expand to retailers and fitting rooms in the US and Great Britain. We remain true to our family business values by making sure we have a personal connection to our customers, vendors...everyone on all sides of the business because each one is incredibly important to us.


- Whitney

Who we are

Static Schmatic was created by a mother-and-daughter team in the picturesque mountains of Aspen, Colorado who needed a safe and natural way to tame static.

Seven years later, Static Schmatic is appearing in fitting rooms in America and Europe as conscious retailers strive to make every aspect of a customer's experience natural, sustainable and beautiful.

Our Suppliers

We are grateful to work with an incredible team through our natural chemist in Colorado. Having been raised by a single mom, he hires single moms who make the daily logistics for Static Schmatic happen. They’re amazing! Everything is made in small batches and nearly everything about Static Schmatic, from our natural ingredients to our hand-applied labels, is made in the USA.



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